Friday, February 08, 2008

First vid released! (Grand theft auto destroying our youth)

Well We are now here. My first original vid for G.E. Hope you enjoy the parody of people such as jack Thompson who try making games seem like car theft simulators and murder simulators.


Kuefler said...

First of all, I'd Like to say that I know what your going for and I do I agree with you in some scents, But since this has to do with "Game Influence", I have to give my two cents.

It's true that pushing a button, isn't the same as training someone for murder, but the simple fact is that video games (like other forms of media, such as movies) can influence people to do destructive things;Several killings have been linked to such games.

Dick holes, like Jack Thompson, do recognize "Game Influence", they just go about handling it the wrong way. People Like Jack Thompson, would rather destroy and censor the industry rather than doing simple things like informing parents of the best way of using rating systems. Dick Holes like Jake Thompson, also use Video Game scapegoating for their own political agenda (i.e. Virgina Tech); these are the reasons that people have such a bad public image.

Yeah, I'll say it strait up, Video Games train killers (or at least provide the opportunity for killers to realize their destructive potential). I'm not sure if you believe that's not the case, because of the satirical nature of your video. If you don't believe that video games, like other forms of media, have the power to "Influence", then I assure you that you are truly disillusioned.

For more on Game Influence, Click This Link

Metal Fire said...

Im trying to make a parody more or less of people who say "Gta shows kids how to steal cars". and "gta is a murder simulator". These people say these things about video games while blatantly ignoring movies,books,tv etc. I do believe any media can influence violent behavior but to say it shows kid's EXACTLY how to steal a car is just stupid.killing on the other hand is much more up in the air compared to how you steal a car since it's much more graphic.But on the other hand Gta is rated M17+ which means that children under 17 are not allowed to play or buy this game. But putting all this all this video is purely satirical and is not meant to be taken to seriously.