Thursday, June 07, 2007

A gamecrazy story

Wow I am speechless, and why am I speechless you ask? Well let me tell you a little story explaining why. well a few days back on Sunday I drove from my home in Baltimore all the way up to Hagerstown (which is a 1.5 hour drive!) to help my dad with something. When I finally get I do what I need to do and wrap every thing up but before I go I decide to check out game crazy (now this is when Stuff happens). As soon as I enter I see a slightly over weight woman with a country accent in her late 20s/early 30s
with a 5 year old who can hardly speak and a toddler. My first thought was "how nice she's buying him a game" then I walked over to the small shelf of old Nintendo and Sega games. While browsing their small selection I over heard the woman and the 5 year old "mommy gimme this, i dont have this, i like this, gimme this" the kid said
His mom responded by saying “you have the All the grand theft auto's I am not gonna get you his one because you already have it!" right there I was SHOCKED. But it didn’t stop there the kid then screamed " I dont have this gran tet audo gimme it NOW!!" his mom then yelled "you already have grand theft auto san andrahdiass and I am not gonna buy it again!!” now first of the woman actually said "san an-drah-diass" in stead of san Andreas and if she cant even say the name right! she shouldn’t even be able play the game and besides she is getting it FOR A FIVE YEAR OLD, He is ONLY FIVE YEARS OLD,
It would not be as bad if the kid was 15 or 16 and mature enough but HE IS ONLY FIVE AND HAS ALL THE GTA's WHAT THE HELL?! And guess what that’s not all after a few minutes of the kid kicking and scream to get his way she buys it and now this what really pisses me off when she goes up to the clerk and puts the game on the counter the clerk says "Umm... you know this game is rated m for intense violence, blood gore, and sexual themes right?" she then says "yeah Yeah I don’t care how bad the reviews are just let me buy it." then she leaves the store. And all I have to say what the HELL, seriously she thought the m rating was a rating from a review she is so STUPID, She is such a unfit parent. On the upside, after she left I was talking' to the clerk and we had pretty good conversation. But this just proved to me that there are way too many UN fit parents out there.

-Metal Fire

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