Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis core Preview

Final fantasy crisis core is the type game that the psp was made for.What i mean is its fun, looks good ,has smooth controls and its addictive as hell.
Just recently i got my hands on a Japanese copy of the game so F.Y.I. I cant comment on the story too much since i cant read Japanese but so far i thinks its about zack who is trying to find a guy with red hair cause red hair is um.... illegal.. or something like that? ok i really im clueless here.

Now lets move towards the graphics which are simply stunning. the level of detail in the game is amazing, this game looks like a ps2 or gamecube game.Square has raised the bar for graphics on the psp. and even better is the fmv cut scene's which look like there straight out of advent children.

The game play is phenomenal, its very smooth fast and reminiscent of Final Fantasy 7's battle system.Upon first seeing the game play video's many would assume that it plays out similar to kingdom hearts, And they would be wrong.the game plays out like this, you can walk around a world then a random battle occurs, during this time several enemies appear within a small area and the battle commences. During this time you dodge enemy attacks by simply moving away (like in kingdom hearts) but to attack you must first select a spell, attack , or an item from a small menu at the bottom left of the screen with L and R.The attack icon is a sword ,items are a small bag and spells are casted using materia and you can only carry 5 or 6 different materia in to battle.When you combine all of that you get a fast paced battle system that all can enjoy.

Overall The game is Great and if you own a psp this is a must buy! It will be released state side some time next year.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Tanslated Nintendo Manga

If your like me and love Nintendo, manga and anime, then you probably are not happy with the way Nintendo kinda shafts the U.S. when it comes to manga and others THINGS *cough* Club Nintendo *cough*. But fortunately enough i have good news the legend of zelda and metroid manga's have been Fan translated!!(or should i say scanslated)
The legend of zelda manga's was translated by Goddess Rinoa from zelda-infinite.com
Which you can find by clicking here
The Metroid manga has been translated by Mehcadrake from mechadrake.com Which you can find by clicking here


Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Mgs4 trailer (and my thoughts)

MGS 4: Guns of the Patriots TGS07 Trailer
This trailer really shows how Hideo Koijima shines as a game designer.The balance of drama, action, comedy and a well told creative story is perfect.This is will probably be the ps3's killer app

Friday, September 21, 2007

Bii my friend (plz)

Please bii my friend add me to your friends list
and send me some friend vouchers if you have metroid prime 3 my wii friend code is 7388 6662 1002 0221
leave yours in the comments

Wii Zapper and Link's Crossbow Training packaging, details

the zapper is coming out on 11/19/07 and the boxart(above) has been revealed as well as info about Link's Crossbow Training apparently their is 27 stages and 3 game modes Target Shooting, Defender, and Ranger they are all supposedly multilayer and all you need is one zapper and is played one at a time (im guessing whoever gets the highest score wins)

Here is a description of the moddes Via wiifanboy:
Target Shooting plays as expected, asking you to hit bull's-eyes as they pop up and move around the screen. Defender pits you against a variety of enemies charging towards you from all directions; you can to aim off screen to turn Link and face your attackers. While playing in the Ranger mode, you can actually move Link by using the nunchuck's control stick, exploring and fighting your way through the different missions.

Metroid prime 3 Impressions

I just got prime 3 a couple days ago and all i have to say is ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
First i must state that
1.I don't like first person shooter very much
2.I thought that prime 1 was better than prime 2
3.I'm not done with the game (yet)
First i gotta say i love the controls they are perfect when i play this game i feel as if i AM samus in most other games i feel like im just controlling the character but when you combine the detail of prime and the perfect conrtols of the wii you will be sucked in the game.Next im gonna talk a bit about presentation when you start the game it will be a bit weird due to the fact you will be talking interacting and fight with and alongside other characters which is a first for metroid, after the opening section it goes straight to old school metroid. one new element of gameplay is your ship in most metroid games your ship pretty much just sits and does nothing but in corruption you will use your ship to recharge health save games carry heavy items and also to bomb areas. overall this game is pretty good and so far im like 50% thru the game so when im finished i may give a full review.

Otakon 07

Hey every one this isnt about gaming but this is pretty kool
i went to OTAKON this year and it was pretty damn good! it was kinda overwhelming since this was my first year and i missed a lot of stuff but it is all pretty Cool.
If you wanna see some pics i gonna upload them soon and post a few things about otakon